About Blake

I’m a father/husband, security professional and “ops” engineer currently working at a startup in Boulder (Simple Energy) chock full of amazing people. I support Net Neutrality and freedom of speech and still hold on to the “quaint”, fleeting notion of privacy of individuals.

If you made it this far and really want even more personal details, I’m pro-environment (even if I fail personally here every day) and as such am staunchly anti-GMO, as I believe the greatest “benefit” of this technology has been little more than a massive increase in pesticide use and agro-chemical company profits. Not to mention it led to the patenting of life, which I’m not a huge fan of. In a similar vein, I don’t think that water – that most basic and essential element of life – should be something that international corporations should be able to “own”. If you think religion is an impetus for war, wait until you take away a population’s water!

Of course there’s more, but that’s probably more than you cared to know already, so I’ll leave it there.

If you’re interested (for some unknown reason) in my infrequent tweets, you can find me @Okiepilgrim


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